The Speedo LZR RACER was the most technologically advanced performance swimsuit ever produced. However, due to recent rule changes, a large number of the suits are now obsolete. Speedo approached the BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear and BA (Hons) Fashion Contour courses to develop innovative designs that re-used, re-designed and re-manufactured the LZR Racers into new products.

At the core of the brief was considering the environmental impact and suitability for future reuse, re-manufacture or recycling as part of a ‘lifecycle strategy.’ Students were set the challenging task of designing fashion forward commercial pieces that had the potential to go into production that also kept sustainability at the heart of the design.

After coming up with sketches, concepts and prototypes Speedo were delighted with the end results and conducted a photoshoot with some of the final designs. Speedo also created a pop up exhibition of the project work at the World Swimming Championships in Dubai which took place in December 2010.

The creations included several examples of drawing on the suit’s heritage in the pool, including a patchwork watershort using the LZR Racer and other Speedo watershorts sourced on auction websites by Man Kit Au Yeung (BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear) and an ‘Afterlife’ creation featuring a cape inspired by superheroes and aimed at the high-end fashion market by Eva Hiu Wa Lai (BA (Hons) Fashion Contour).

President of Speedo, David Robinson, said: “This project has captured the technology and originality of the Speedo LZR Racer and combined it with unique cutting edge fashion. It is inspiring to see the creative and innovative approach the students have taken to produce their products.”

The speedo projected created a real buzz in the media …