Outreach: Northumberland Summer School

LCF staff joined forces with fashion designer Scott Henshall to deliver a summer school in Northumberland.

At the end of July LCF staff jumped on the train and headed to the north east of England to deliver our second Northumberland Fashion Summer School. This year we worked in Northumberland College’s Fashion department with 30 students from the Ashington area all aged between 14 and 18 years old. The theme was ‘Interlocking’ and students had to race against the clock to design and make their own garments to walk down the catwalk at a show for family and friends.

Fashion designer Scott Henshall joined LCF on the last day and gave a really inspiring talk to students about his journey in and through the fashion industry. He also shared some celebrity gossip with us but our lips are sealed! Scott met with every single student individually and looked through their sketchbooks and gave them advice.

When the nerves started to kick in when the designers turned models were due to strut their stuff down the catwalk Scott who is more than used to pressure gave some calming words of advice and the show went off with a bang. 4 lucky winners received annual subscriptions to Vogue magazine, lets hope they keep up the good work and who knows we might have just met the next Scott Henshall!

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