“Beyond Dwelling” Phase II

Beyond Dwelling Phase 2

Students give their presentations for “Beyond Dwelling” Phase 2

In November last year, we featured an article on an exciting Student / Estates/ Private Sector collaboration on designing the student accommodation of the future…  Following some exceptionally high quality work from students on CSM’s Spatial Practices Programme, the project “Beyond Dwelling” entered phase two – a 5 week development phase, with three groups of students shortlisted to take their work to the next level.

This development phase saw students further evolving their ideas, and also engaging with the client, Bouygues, to help fine tune the development of the proposals into final presentations.  Additionally, the student groups were asked to link their ideas into a specific context, in this case the current UAL Student Accommodation project at Camberwell, giving them the opportunity to test and develop their proposals on a ‘live’ site.

The final review for stage two of the competition took place on Wednesday 10th December.  The groups gave 10 minute presentations, followed by Q&As with the panel composed of Bouygues, CSM and UAL Estates representatives.  The quality of the work and of the presentations was extremely professional and bore testament to both the quality of teaching on the programme and of the students’ hard work and original thinking.

The winning team

The winning team

We would like to congratulate the winning team (Isadora Graham; Alice Meyer; Birute Petkute; Siqi Song; Yang Song and Junyan Wang – pictured) on their success with their project (which focussed on duplex cluster flats with enhanced socialising spaces, with more compact bedrooms and improved integration between residential and employment generating uses), and to the CSM Spatial Practice Programme team for staging such an interesting and useful project. Plans are afoot to document this project through an exhibition and a publication to be launched to the construction industry later this year.

We hope there will be many more such collaborations in the future!


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