A successful Entrepreneur, Blogger, Style Guru, Freelance Journalist and Digital Analyst, Paul McGroger has earned myriad titles at just the age of 26. With over 5 years of experience of teaching diverse students in the UK, he hosted an extremely informative workshop, Starting Your Own Online Retail Business, at London College of Fashion in Dubai.

Starting from buying merchandise to to creating a web portal, marketing to delivering the products to customers, the 3-day intensive course gave students a bank of information to kick start their career and also presented them with an opportunity to implement their learnings from the course right in front of him. Paul answered all concerns and issues regarding all aspects of Online Business with examples from his experience, allowing students to think more objectively.

Paul started the course with an insight into various platform to source merchandise and different delivery options that can help a start up plan out their stock, space, costs, followed by legalities to run an e-commerce site in the country of operations. He covered major challenges such as the budgets involved in setting up and running the e-commerce platforms and offered best solutions for students, individually.

The course concluded with a detailed discussion on the two powerful digital tools and their importance; social media and SEO. From basics to management to step by step guide, the students got a good idea about SEO and how they can handle it themselves. He encouraged students to look at their competitors and analyse why they rank higher in SEO.

Students further discussed 3 important social media channels for most businesses; Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and how the content varies for each channel. They also got a chance to create a post for Paul’s Facebook page, Mens Fashion Magazine! Paul also discussed the most trending marketing strategy, Influencer Marketing, and explained how different brands can use bloggers to create content that builds awareness and drives traffic to the website, eventually leading to a boom in sale.

“The digital industry within the UAE is growing rapidly, it’s something I can only see developing further. As more consumers start trusting shopping online there’s going to be huge growth within the digital sector which will also create more exposure for influencers,” said Paul.

With Paul’s extensive experience and knowledge, the course, Starting Your Own Online Retail Business is an excellent opportunity for beginners and intermediate students who would like to learn all about e-commerce platforms and the foundation of a good online marketing strategy. To register for the next session visit: http://bit.ly/2nl3WiU