Loved by all UAL students for her exquisite fashion sense and passion for teaching, Polly Holmon teaches Fashion Styling 1 and 2 in Dubai. We sat down with her to discuss her opinion of the fashion industry in the GCC and her courses for the fashion enthusiasts based in this region.

  1. Please tell us about your experience teaching Fashion Styling 1 and 2 in the UAE with UAL.

I’ve been teaching for 17 years in UAL and for 7 years now in Dubai. I get much more of a global mix in London, however Dubai has changed dramatically since we started, we now see people joining us from across the world, we’ve even had students come over from Australia. This is due to Dubai becoming a global hub for fashion worldwide.

  1. What’s your favourite shop/mall in Dubai?

I don’t have a favourite shop, in the sense that every client is different and therefore I couldn’t have a favourite brand. I must add, Mall of the Emirates has a more local feel to it whereas Dubai Mall seems more global and houses almost every brand one can imagine of.

  1. What do you think sets GCC students apart from students in the UK?

Their level of brand knowledge and interest in fashion is incredible. High end brands are a part of their everyday lifestyle; they live fashion.

  1. After, the 5-day course what are the main elements/skills the students can confidently take away from the course?

By the end of the course, Fashion Styling 1, each student is equipped with the right knowledge to choose colours, fabrics and silhouettes according to an individuals’ style and body type. They understand the reasons to pick a piece, instead of just buying it. Along with the ability to select the right pieces, they learn to promote and market themselves as fashion stylists and communicate in a professional manner.

  1. Are there any exciting topics or courses that you would be bringing to Dubai in the future?

Seeing the growing awareness and rise in the GCC fashion industry, we are looking at bringing Menswear Styling to Dubai, shortly.

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