2017 brings with it a barrel of bright and cheery colours, a lovely mix of fabrics and oodles of faux texture. In today’s article we will sum up the 5 best home trends for 2017. From pantone colours to the right shapes, here’s how you can personalise your house, yet stay trendy.

Bright Green Colour

Just in, Greenery is the pantone colour of 2017. Symbolising positivity and energy, this colour brings simplicity to the perplexed and fast lifestyle. Revitalise and refresh with this zesty yellow-green shade, and incorporate elements like green centrepieces, wall paper or wall plants in your house.

Mixed Patterns

Experiment with everything tropical. Throw in details like patterned cushions, on a plain sofa. 2017, takes cue from the runway this year and boasts of statement pieces, mismatched patterns. Be creative, and entice your room with unusual and artistic concepts and designs.

Faux Finishes

Marble, brass and wood will continue to dominate in 2017. As a budget friendly alternative, you can incorporate faux material like wood, marble and quartz to your home design. They give a clean, minimalist look, while keeping it sophisticated and glamorous at the same time.


Add character to your space, with carefully picked pieces. Vintage and very well made investment furniture, is the mantra for 2017 interior. Porcelain, woodwork and antique pieces in thin lines and shapes, instead of big chunks, will be back in trend. This requires high level of craftsmanship and an eye for details.

Midnight Blue

Alternate black cabinets and interior with mystical midnight blue with a hint of grey. It complements the full spectrum of colours and reflects comfort and thoughtfulness. Add ceramics, textile and velvet cushions to your house in this exquisite hue and you will surely receive a thousand complements.

Choosing a new colour, or ornament for your house can be difficult but with this list of our favourite trending interior design ideas for 2017, you should be assured of making the right choice. Be brave, play with textures, take inspiration from the past and create a space that reflects your taste.