With 2017 just beginning, we need to bid Rose Quartz and Serenity adieu and welcome the bright and powerful pantone colour of 2017, Greenery, a very warm welcome. A colour that reflects positivity and new beginnings, Greenery has already made a solid presence in Spring 2017 trends in fashion, décor and design. Though the yellow-green colour will rule 2017, you will see Pale Pink and Dusty Blue making a rare yet impactful appearance as well.




According to the Global Colour Authority, Pantone, ‘yellow green shade evokes the first day of spring when nature’s green revive, renew and restore.’ It’s time for people to take a deep breath, rejuvenate and start the year with an optimistic stroke of zesty yellow-green. Greenery provides a pop of colour, in accessories, clothing and footwear and has already made a prominent presence amid infamous designer 2017 collections such as Kenzo, Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Balmain and Versace. Greenery displays the exquisite blend of technology and fashion without disconnecting from the beauty of nature.

Pale Dogwood


Inspired by the hues, that surround us in the nature, Pale Dogwood also known as Pale Pink evokes a spectrum of emotions and feelings. Soft and beautiful, this earthy tone adds a healthy glow to the look and creates an aura of innocence and purity.  Worn head to toe or as a contrasted piece, this neutral muted hue made quite a statement on the runway at New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week 2017. Popular designers such as Barbara Bui, Hermes and Chanel brought feminine energy to the fashion week 2017 with this pretty pale hue.

Niagara Blue


A colour that boasts of confidence and uniqueness, Niagara Blue, symbolises the calmness, versatility and unparalleled scenery of the Niagara Falls. From Alberta Ferretti to Alexander McQueen, Marchesa to Zac Posen, designers epitomised the exclusivity of this blue-grey shade by showcasing distinctive designs made with the finest tulle and silk.

As 2017 brings a ray of hope and change, it time to revitalise our lives, home and wardrobe with these gorgeous tones inspired by the nature. We are already obsessed with some of the powerful looks from Fashion Week 2017 and can not wait to style the refreshing shades; greenery, pale pink and grey blue.