Since the official announcement of the 3-day event, Meet D3, art enthusiasts, fashion bloggers and foodies had been anxiously waiting for this extensive pop up to open its doors. Hosted by Dubai Design District (D3) this extravaganza gave an opportunity to emerging designers, growing musicians and artists in the Arab region to prove their tremendous skills to the rest of the world.


This year some of the most popular instalments included Cairo Now, Sun Canopy, Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative, GIF paradise by Satwa 3000, Shrumen Lumen and Playable Room by OTOTO. The focal of D3, the colourful Sun Canopy was a beautiful, hand painted, 3D piece of art that captivates mind and completely transform your perception of space with innovation and advanced architecture.



Right after the canopy, the visitors, were enthralled with Shrumen Lumen; gigantic origami inspired mushroom installations based around kinetic theory and illumination patterns. These interactive mushroom sculptures changed their colours and shape in response to the movement of people around them.


A heaven for tech savvy generation who loves social media, GIF Paradise by Satwa 3000 introduced a four room experiential space, where guests entered with their friends to create their own fun and playful GIF videos, featuring themselves. On the other side, playable room by OTOTO amazed kids and adults equally by their entertaining and scientific space where people could touch objects like fruits and vegetables to create beautiful musical sounds.



For those who love and value heritage, Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative brought a gorgeous display of interactive carpet weaving workshop to D3. A spectacular visual, it was truly magnificent how weavers incorporated different colours and threads to create a gorgeous carpet on a traditional loom. A museum on its own, Cairo Now displayed the story of the city of lights; an Arabian city, Cairo that never sleeps.  The exhibit featured creations by promising young designers, in a form of a buzzing city that you discover one step at a time.



D3 is incomplete without the talented designers namely, Dima Ayad, Dalia El Ali, Cartel and Rula Ghalayini, Capture D3 and Bungalow by Faux Consultancy, brought together numerous names with very different style elements to Meet D3. From Cartel’s minimalist line to Mochi’s tassel earrings, Nadya Hassan’s classy footwear to Rula Ghalayini’s artsy clutches, we couldn’t ask for a better assortment of designers.



With awe-inspiring structures, endless exploration opportunities, exquisite fashion pieces and unparalleled food options Meet D3 surpassed in bringing the community together during the 3-day festival and presenting the very best of home-grown and international designers under one roof.