Dyno-Rod is on a mission to change the British toilet. The UK’s largest plumbing and Drains Company has tasked up-and-coming designers from CSM to create a new design for the domestic toilet, challenging the concept of the toilet as we know it.

The initiative, commissioned by Dyno-Rod Drains company as part of their 50th anniversary, aims to raise awareness on how we can upgrade the current 130 year old flush toilet to one that benefits our health and the environment.

The three graduates: Pierre Papet (MA Industrial Design), Victor Johansson (MA Industrial Design) and Samuel Sheard, were challenged to create a toilet that met selected criteria of sustainability, a toilet that is more eco-friendly and a toilet that is better for our health and wellbeing – as well as benefitting the environment and looking at key saving elements such as water waste.


The designs will be judged by a panel of design experts, including Wayne Hemingway – Red or Dead founder and now owner of a multi-disciplinary design agency and  Cliff Huxley, Senior Dyno-Rod Engineer.

The winning toilet will be revealed on world toilet day, Tuesday 19 November, during a special reveal event in the Windows Gallery, King’s Cross, CSM.


More information:
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