A selection panel from the Share Academy steering group met last week to consider grant applications for funded projects, and more than half of the successful UAL projects are from CSM!

  • Caroline Broadhead of BA Jewellery Design working with the Foundling Museum (project awarded £7,800).
  • Shibboleth Shechter of MA Narrative Environments working with Bexley Heritage Trust (project awarded £10,000).
  • William O’Gorman & Nathan Cohen of MA Art and Science working with Grant Museum of Zoology (£7,200).
  • Alison Green and MA CCC working with the South London Gallery (£3,630).

Three further grants have been awarded to other UAL projects – Linda Sandino of CCW working with the Museum of Domestic Architecture (£3,665), Susan Postlethwaite MA Fashions at LCC working with the Garden Museum (£9,390) and Paul Sternberg, MA Design & Innovation at Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication working with the British Music Experience (£7,000).

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