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The Research Department of Central Saint Martins (CSM) opened its first survey exhibition, showcasing a diverse range of works by staff members including Rob Kesseler, Birgitta Hosea, Caroline Evans and others.

20 February to 23 March 2013, Lethaby Gallery
Monday to Friday 10-6pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, Free admission
Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

The Making Knowledge exhibition shows research activities of CSM research staff and aims to explore the different research approaches and processes applied across the College through a wide-ranging series of lectures, panel- and round-table discussions.

Displays in the Lethaby Gallery reveal the working methods of nine individual researchers of Central Saint Martins to make visible some of the practices through which they produce books, films, video works, animations, textiles, lettering, ceramics, photographic images and design probes.

At the same time, a small selection of the rich variety of recently published works produced by staff of Central Saint Martins will be displayed in one of the window galleries at CSM Kings Cross.

Events coinciding with these displays will include a series of lectures in the LVMH Lecture Theatre and round-table discussions staged in the Gallery. Each of these events, convened by CSM researchers, will engage with a significant creative, cultural or societal issue to profile just some of the range of concerns our research community is currently addressing.

Participating artists:

Phil Baines: 7 July 2005 Memorial

In his display, Baines reveals the processes that led to the development of a new lettering used for the 7 July 2005 Memorial in Hyde Park.

Display of work by Phil Baines at Making Knowledge exhibition. Central Saint Matins







Philippa Brock: 3D : 2D

Brock’s practice-based research aims to create abstract 3D woven jacquard textiles by expanding the potential and pushing the boundaries of digital industrial methods.

Display of work by Philippa Brock at Making Knowledge exhibition at central Saint Martins.








Carole Collet: Biolace

As a designer, Collet wants to explore the potential of synthetic biology for the future manufacturing of materials and products. Can we by-pass energy-intense and polluting textile manufacturing steps by reprogramming plants to produce fabrics rather than fibres?

Display of work by Carole Collet at Making Knowledge exhibition, Central Saint Martins.








Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone: Things to Come

Things to Come, a 16mm film, consists of abstract synchronised movement across and around a metal and glass model, to create a dynamic play of light, shadow, reflection, parallax, depth, surface and prismatic special-effects. The model was based on a series of unpublished production photographs of László Moholy-Nagy’s ‘future city’ set designs commissioned, but ultimately not included, for the 1936 science fiction film Things to Come.

Things to Cone by Ellard and Johnstone. Making Knowledge exhibition 2013.








Caroline Evans and Alistair O’Neill: Doubles, duplicity and duplication

Based on their research in fashion history, Evans and O’Neill present a series of images that reflect on the relationship of copy and original in fashion, and on the industrial nature of fashion.

Display of work by Caroline Evans and Alisdair O'Neill during Making Knowledge exhibition.








Birgitta Hosea: Medium

Hosea’s research and resulting performance and video work revolves around questions such as: What is a medium? If it is a means by which a signal of communication is encoded, stored and transmitted to others, what could I learn by becoming a medium myself?

Display of work by Birgitta Hosea at Making Knowledge exhibition








Rob Kesseler: From field to frame: revealing plant microstructures

Working with botanical scientists, Kesseler explores the possibility of extending the conventional practices of microscopy to combine the digital, the analogue and the manual in a process akin to reconstructive surgery, to create images that lie somewhere between science and symbolism.

Display of work by Rob Kesseler. Making Knowledge exhibition 2013.








Susan Trangmar: In Passing

In this ongoing research project, Susan Trangmar explores the relationship between the production of space and the meaning of place in an ever changing landscape. She does this through photographic, moving image and text based sound media.

Display of work by Susan Trangmar. Making Knowledge exhibition 2013.