Transcriptions: Animation for the National Gallery

‘La Messicole’, Hannes Stummvoll

‘La Messicole’, Hannes Stummvoll

Next week, The National Gallery will be holding a half term Family Festival that features films made by Character Animation students from CSM.

As part of the curriculum, MA Character Animation students work on live briefs for a number of creative companies, archives and cultural organisations. For several years, students on the course collaborated with the National Gallery to create short animations that were inspired by the collection. Students analysed the paintings in depth through historical lectures, drawing and physical theatre workshops. The range of paintings on display proved a valuable resource to stimulate ideas for character designs, stories, poses, visual compositions and themes.

Some of these films have been archived on the National Gallery’s website:
MA Character Animation 3D animation on the National Gallery website
MA Character Animation 2D animation on the National Gallery website

Find out more:
Family Festival on the National Gallery website
MA Character Animation course page

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