The Nova Awards ceremony is approching fast!

On Wednesday 5 September, Lowe and Partners will present the three Nova Awards to the winners, selected from a shortlist of 13 students voted best in class at Central Saint Martins.

In the days leading up to the ceremony, Lowe and Partners are posting a profile of each competitor on their Pinterest site. The first five nominees’ profiles are now available to view online:

Yi Fei Chai – Origami
Alex Goller – Demorex
Dahea Sun – PH rain dresses
Susan Campbell – Digital laser cutting
Juan Juan Hu – Liquid in jewellery

Stay tuned for upcoming profiles of the remaining nominees:

Erika Renedo – Diversity project
Franciszek Wardynsk – Exploration into colour blue
Emil Agrimsson – Animation
Conall McAteer – Crate
Hui Yin Lin – Cartoons
Luke Stevens – Clothing
Caroline Kernick – Jewellery
Same Rowe – Homeless project

Find out more:
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