In March and April, Central Saint Martins will be running its popular 4 week Easter School, which offers a fantastic variety of subject areas to join. These courses are designed for students of all ages (18+), as well as courses for teenagers (16-18), that are looking to use their holiday as a time to develop their abilities, create a body of work for a portfolio or simply learn a new skill. Today, we are focusing on some of the courses on offer during week 1: 19 – 23 March 2018.

Acting for Absolute Beginners – This course is a great way to meet new people, explore new ways to communicate and develop new skills that you can use in life.

Acting for Absolute Beginners ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Acting for Absolute Beginners, ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Contemporary Collage – During this course you will discover collage as a tool for thinking, realising your ideas, and enriching your work.

Contemporary Collage ⓒJet

Contemporary Collage, ⓒJet

Cool Hunting – If you are eager to learn about the emergence of trends and explore London’s role in influencing trends worldwide, this course is a must.

Cool Hunting ⓒJet

Cool Hunting, ⓒJet

Draping Womenswear Design – On this course you will learn how to find inspiration and visualise your concepts quickly by simply working with fabric and pins on a dummy-figure.

Draping ©Angela Sanchez Del Campo

Draping, ©Angela Sanchez Del Campo

Drawing and Painting for Textile Design – On this course you will explore a variety of drawing and painting techniques and strategies that you can use to refine and develop your ideas.

Drawing and Painting for Textile Design ⓒJet

Drawing and Painting for Textile Design, ⓒJet

Exploring Illustration – This course will capture the spirit and enthusiasm of the degree courses at Central Saint Martins, with an emphasis on experimentation, the generation of ideas and an awareness of our surroundings.

Illustration ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Illustration, ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Fashion Design and Marketing – This course is an essential foundation for all those who are interested in carving out a successful career in the fashion design industry.

Fashion Design and Marketing ⓒJet

Fashion Design and Marketing, ⓒJet

Fashion Styling for Beginners – This course is for students interested in learning about the styling industry and eager to get some practice on key fashion styling and communication skills.

Fashion Styling for Beginners ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Fashion Styling for Beginners, ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Graphic Design for Beginners – This computer free graphic design course is all about thinking and making.

Graphic Design - Beginners ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Graphic Design – Beginners, ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Interior Design – Level 1 – This practical course is supported with tutor presentations and feedback, which will allow students to gain an understanding of the components involved in the design of interiors.

Interior Design - Level 1 ⓒJet

Interior Design – Level 1, ⓒJet

Life Drawing for Fashion Designers – This course will use experimental exercises in order to inspire and allow students to develop their unique approaches to drawing from life.

Fashion Drawing ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Fashion Drawing, ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Mixed Media Painting – On this course you will explore a range of new techniques and materials including, experimenting with colour, dripping, pouring, glazing, collage, surface texture, photo transfer, wax, resin and more.

Mixed Media Painting ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Mixed Media Painting, ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Patternmaking – Experimental and Explorative Approaches Part 1 – Introduction – This intensive course explores some unconventional, versatile and inventive approaches to patternmaking and shape creation.

Patternmaking ⓒJet

Patternmaking, ⓒJet

The Photography Course – This intense two-week course will offer a range of projects for you to explore both on and off site, and includes optional visits to exhibitions.

The Photography Course ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

The Photography Course, ⓒCentral Saint Martins Short Courses

Central Saint Martins Easter School will take place over 4 weeks, from 19 March – 13 April 2018. All upcoming Easter School courses can be viewed on our website. We also run a full schedule of short courses during evenings, weekends, online, and Saturdays throughout the year.


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