In the lead up to the 2018 Undergraduate Summer Show, we interview graduating students about their life at Chelsea and how their learning experience has shaped their practice. Originally from Poland, Ernest’s work for the Degree Show will create an installation which will utilise the theatricality of an art gallery setting.

Describe your time at Chelsea in 3 words

Challenging, Rewarding, Fun

Please tell us how your work has developed during your time at UAL

The aesthetic of my work has changed dramatically during my time at UAL. The last 3 years, taught me how to be a truly independent artist.

What are you working on for the degree show?

The work for my Degree Show is an installation; a practice I developed whilst studying at UAL. Keeping the spoilers to a minimum, the work utilises the theatricality of art galleries.

What have your influences / inspiration been for your work for the degree show?

Having the Tate Britain next door was a huge influence as I became interested in curation; therefore my inspiration comes from various art galleries and luckily London is full of them!

In what ways has the studio / workshop environment informed your practice during your time at Chelsea?

I like to explore different materials and techniques, so I was a regular at most workshops. You can do a huge variety of things in the Chelsea workshops. The reason why my work has developed so much is because my ideas were never turned down and always encouraged.

Tell us about any external projects have you worked on during your time at Chelsea? (i.e. internships, exhibitions, placements, voluntary work etc.) How has this informed your practice?

I’m doing an internship at The Polish Cultural Institute and i’m learning many ways of promoting myself as an artist. UAL is a great bridge into various creative industries.

Have you taken part in any international opportunities whilst at Chelsea? (i.e. study abroad, Erasmus, oversees projects / events, or any projects with any visiting oversees students or lecturers based at Chelsea?). If yes, please tell us more about these.

One of the great things about UAL is how diverse it is, while I did not participate in an Erasmus or Student Exchange scheme, I met many exchange students visiting Chelsea. Seeing how different nations create work is very inspiring and educational.

What have you enjoyed the most about studying and living in London?

London is known as a creative capital for a reason, there is always something going on, artistically and more. If you feel like you’re lacking inspiration, just go out, and you’re inspired.

Who or what has been your biggest influence during your time at Chelsea?

My best influences came from like-minded students. UAL has a great community of friendly people who will make you push yourself within your practice. The openness of the courses is especially good because you get to work with painters, sculptors, performance and video artist; that alone gives you so many new perspectives.

What are your ambitions following graduation?

To be a famous artist of course.

What makes your proud to be a Chelsea student?

Chelsea is not a commercial college, they focus on developing you as an artist and show you how to make a living out of it.

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing your course? Any advice for new students?

Just make friends, and plan ahead. UAL has a great reputation for a reason, so as long you stay on top of your work, you’ll have an amazing time.

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