Ana Teles, David Lane, Ji Eun Kim, Nikolai Ishchuk, Sean Pennlington, Stewart Hall and Vanessa Hodgkinson.

SEVEN POSITIONS is an exhibition that presents the breadth of approaches to individual practice within the group dynamic of the MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design.

 Each of the seven artists is currently developing a strong personal vernacular within their given medium; an artistic voice that is confident but also able to be part of an ongoing dialogue with other works and artists.

 Enquiries into painterly and sculptural concerns are explored alongside works which deal with issues of identity, authenticity and social commentary. The photographic image is manipulated and made three dimensional; concern with and perhaps suspicion of the figurative is probed. Painting, sculpture, installation, photography and performance are all represented.

 The perceived differences between the concerns of the works included in the show thusly reflect the ethos of the exhibition where no one position is upheld or championed. Instead the aim is to present how clear and defined voices have found form within this interdisciplinary MA program.

 SEVEN POSITIONS will open in The Cook House space at Chelsea College of Art & Design with a Private View on  Thursday 2nd May, between 5pm and 8pm.

 The exhibition will be open to the public on Friday 3rd May (10am – 6pm), and Saturday 4th May (10am – 3pm).