Fulbright Scholar John Sturgeon Arrives at Chelsea

John Sturgeon Still from Archivist ©2010

Chelsea College is delighted to welcome visiting US academic John Sturgeon to the Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon (CCW) Graduate School at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

John has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to work at the CCW Graduate School for the next six months. He is currently Professor of Cinematic Arts, Department of Visual Arts, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

John is an artist-poet, practicing in digital media: video, installation and performance, with interests in tele-performative and streaming media collaborations as well as interactive forms. Since the early 1970’s, Sturgeon consistently utilized emerging forms of electronic media to articulate a quest for a spiritual persona. His work questions the role of electronic media in the process of self-creation, discovery and community formation, while creating a unique space for the contemplation of these issues.

As an educator, Professor Sturgeon has been instrumental in designing and administrating innovative programs for electronic and digital media, including Carnegie Mellon University as well as co-founding the Masters program in Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer (iEAR at R.P.I., New York).

He will be giving a public lecture at Camberwell College of Arts on 24 October spotlighting some fortuitous shifts and challenging explorations of forty-plus years of practice amid the exponential rise of electronic/digital media as a means to “translate” artistic and personal content.

Image: John Sturgeon – still from ‘Archivist’ ©2010.


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