FdA Illustration visiting practitioner, Robert Grieves, has had great success with his short film Sausage. The film recently won three awards at festivals in the UK, including ‘Best Animation’ in Derry, meaning his film secures a coveted place on the Oscars consideration list.

Sausage was animated by Robert and is his first narrative creation, making his success even more of an achievement.  The film has a warmth and nostalgia about it reflecting Robert’s love for mid-century design. It is a combination of cheeky humour and political satire, offering ‘…a wry look at the cut-throat world of capitalist consumerism’ (Counterfeit Magazine, November 13).

Speaking about his film, Robert says,

“For the viewer to be swept back in time the design and animation had to feel as authentic as possible, and that requires hand crafting to avoid the digital feel. In contrast the zero budget meant that computerised shortcuts were essential to create seven minutes of animation. The challenge was set to make the most of what ‘traditional analogue’ and ‘cutting-edge digital’ can offer, blending these disparate approaches to make one believable world.”

Students on FdA Illustration have greatly benefited from Robert’s teaching. His film has been a great source of inspiration to them and is made with the exact same techniques taught on the course.

Students and staff at Camberwell have everything crossed for Robert at next year’s Oscars!