Key Ideas is a series of events organised by the Design Area specifically for Camberwell College of Arts design students. The three events – Object, Image and Word – examine issues and theories important to designers across the disciplines of graphic design, illustration and three-dimensional design. Cutting edge contemporary practitioners from a variety of backgrounds help illuminate the topics and students will have a chance to discuss the themes of the day in groups as well as to ask questions during panel discussions.

Key Ideas: Word – 12 May 2010

This Key Ideas discussion has been organised with the co-operation of Eye Magazine and takes as its starting point the contents of the spring issue (Eye 75), which features interviews with Anthony Burrill and Fraser Muggeridge.

This will take place firstly through a series of 30-minute provocations delivered by Anthony Burrill, Fraser Muggeridge, Marcus Leis Allion and Camberwell Course Directors David Coventon (BA Graphic Design) and Derek Yates (FdA Design Practice + FdA Illustration for Sequence and Interaction). The provocations will attempt to assess how and whether the starting points that seemed to be evident in ‘Typography Now’ have come to fruition.

Staff and students will then be given an opportunity to respond to these provocations through a discussion that will lead to the production of a series of large hand-drawn typographic sheets. These sheets will form the content of a book that will be designed and bound by a student team led by FdA student and a designer of the Key Ideas identity, Astrid Joublanc. The book will act as a record of the day and be published as a giveaway at the Camberwell degree show. Pages from the book could also be featured in the education section of Eye.

  • Provocation 1 – The Problem With Expressive Typography.
  • Provocation 2 – Typography With Words / Typography Without Words.
  • Provocation 3 – Keep It Simple.
  • Provocation 4 – The Discursive Practice That Produces Typography.

Guest speakers: Anthony Burrill, Fraser Muggeridge, Marcus Leis Allion, John L Walters.

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Key Ideas Identity: designed by Miglena Minkova and Astrid Joublanc.