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Inside Look: new lecture theatre at Peckham Road

The new lecture theatre at Camberwell College of Arts has been a key part of the building development at Peckham Road. Located at basement level of B block, the new lecture theatre seats 251 people which will enable more cross-course … Continue reading

An Update in Pictures

Term has now restarted for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Camberwell College of Arts so both students and staff are now able to access the new parts of the building at Peckham Road.  New windows and the refurbishment to the front … Continue reading

Progress Update: New signage for Camberwell

As part of the development of Camberwell College of Arts new signage throughout all buildings at Peckham Road will be installed. Staff stakeholders from across the college contributed to the discussions about identification and direction for key areas. Both the staff and … Continue reading

CGI Library Preview: new academic building

The new library at Camberwell College of Arts is one of the most anticipated aspects of the development. As we’ve previously covered, the library will be first floor of the new academic building and will occupy the entire floor to increase capacity. Stakeholders … Continue reading

Student Centre Update

The development at Camberwell College of Arts will see the creation of a new student  centre at Peckham Road. Our architects presented their interpretation of how this ‘hub’ could look last year but this has been developed further through stakeholder meetings; exploring … Continue reading

Link Bridge Preview; more architects drawings

Our architects have provided hundreds of drawings and plans in the course of the Camberwell Building Development. The architects drawings have been used in staff and student stakeholder meetings and featured here. One unique element of the development is the link between … Continue reading

An Update in Pictures

At Camberwell College of Arts we often informally refer to our two sites as Peckham Road and Wilson Road. The works taking place as part of the development for Camberwell are entirely at Peckham Road and the entire site is now … Continue reading

Progress Update 18 July 2017

The final degree show from our MA Visual Arts students is now open at our Wilson Road site and runs until this Wednesday. Term ends for our MA Visual Arts students this week so, the development works will enter a new stage … Continue reading

Progress Update 10 July 2017

As the building development at Camberwell College of Arts continues passersby may have noticed scaffolding has now been erected at the front of the 1970’s building at Peckham Road. This is in preparation for installation of new windows to the … Continue reading

Progress Update 27 June 2017

Last week saw the college host  our Undergraduate and MA Conservation summer degree shows which you can read more about on our main blog. After the show closed this weekend Peckham Road entered the next stage of its development; some … Continue reading