Progress Update: New signage for Camberwell

As part of the development of Camberwell College of Arts new signage throughout all buildings at Peckham Road will be installed. Staff stakeholders from across the college contributed to the discussions about identification and direction for key areas. Both the staff and designers are keen to ensure that the new signage can be understood by both new and existing students.  

There are two main changes to how buildings and rooms at Peckham Road will be described. Firstly all buildings have been assigned a letter rather than using informal descriptive names. The 1970’s block becomes A block, the new academic building becomes B block and the Victorian Building becomes blocks C & D. Secondly, within A Block floor numbers have been adjusted in preparation for the new reception. For example, the Digital Media resource centre will be described as being on the second floor of Block B, rather than the first floor of the 1970’s building.

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