CGI Library Preview: new academic building


The new library at Camberwell College of Arts is one of the most anticipated aspects of the development. As we’ve previously covered, the library will be first floor of the new academic building and will occupy the entire floor to increase capacity. Stakeholders have looked at both drawings and computer generated imagery (as pictured) in order to inform furniture and colour choices for the space. 

In the example computer generated imagery the proposed scheme is very neutral with the occasional accent of orange. After careful consideration stakeholders decided to have a subtle green as an accent, rather than orange. A sustainable approach has been taken to furniture; the new library will be a mix of old and new. For example desking from IT suite will be reused, whereas there will be new shelving in order to maximise the increased capacity of the library collections.

The new library will directly link to the new student centre; some of the soft seating will be the same style but in a different colour scheme to help differentiate the change of area. The library colour scheme will feature warm mossy greens whereas the soft seating in the student hub will be dark blues and purples.

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