Inside look; Victorian building

Though the building development at Camberwell College of Arts is largely focused on the new accommodation and the academic building, essential works are being done to the existing buildings too.  We are in the process of installing a protective perspex to the outside of stained glass window within our Victorian building at Peckham Road.

The plaque accompanying the window reads ‘In honoured memory of Sir William Blake Richmond KCB RA this window designed and painted by him was presented to the LCC Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts by Miss Laura Pesel in 1925. A replica in lighter colours, part of one of the transept windows depicting the Saxon and Norman kings was erected in St Pauls Cathedral in 1896’.

William Blake Richmond was the son of William Blake, and was a notable portrait painter and stained glass designer in his own right. The stained glass window is just  part of Camberwell’s rich history and heritage, as is our collection.




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