Outside look: between the buildings at Peckham Road


As work progresses, the building development at Camberwell College of Arts continues to reveal itself. One of the most intriguing details of the development is how the existing 1970’s block on Peckham Road connects with the new academic building directly behind it. 


There will be links between the 1970’s block and the new academic building. On the ground floor the link will be a wide passage and be home to the new student gallery. On the upper floors, the link will bridge from the new library (in the new academic building) across to the student hub (1970’s block). Featuring large windows and glass panels, this upper link will form a kind of atrium between the two buildings.


Meanwhile annual maintenance work continues; heating across Peckham Road and Wilson Road is now working without any problems. External to the college there was a power cut in the Wilson Road area last Friday. This caused power outages in the Foundation building at Wilson Road, but full power was restored by 2pm.


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