Progress update; first of 2017


This week Spring term begins for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Camberwell College of Arts and also sees the the start of Wellbeing month hosted by our Student Union.  The next stage of the building development will see the finishing of external landscaping and paving around the new accommodation, and around the new academic block.  


On site, new bike racks have been erected and  further concreting and landscaping will be carried out in the next few weeks to complete their installation. The development will also shortly see the appointment of a contractor for the internal fit-out of new academic building. Staff and students may have seen more vinyl displays throughout the college with the computer generated mock-ups of what the internal fittings might be.


At the end and prior to the start of term more maintenance was also carried out in existing buildings across the college.  At Wilson Road, windows have been cleaned and light fittings have been replaced. There were a few issues with heating at Wilson Road last week; a temporary solution has been put in place.

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