CGI Reception Preview: 1970’s block


We’re now in the final weeks of the Autumn term for our undergraduate and foundation courses so its business as usual at Camberwell College of Arts. Students are handing in final projects and planning their Christmas parties! Leading on from drawings we’ve previously published, we now have computer generated images from our architects.  One of the most visible changes will be the re-configured entrance and the front of the 1970’s block at Peckham Road.


We’re currently using the entrance located in the Victorian Building, as the entrance in in the 1970’s building was temporarily decommissioned for the creation of the Pop-up cafe. The new entrance will be located back in the 1970’s block but below street level. Upon entering there’ll be a wide corridor space with a reception area to the left, a view of the ceramics workshops to the right and you’ll be able to see the new cafe straight ahead.

Once you pass the frontdesk, you’ll be in the link between the 1970’s block and the new academic building. This plan is for this space to be a student gallery space; run by students much like the existing Raum Gallery.


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