Student Hub Preview; 1970’s block


One of the most important parts of the new development at Camberwell College of Arts will be the creation of a new student information centre or ‘hub’.  The new hub will bring together different departments in one place so that students can more easily access a range of help and advice. The hub will be located on what is currently the ground floor of the 1970’s building at our Peckham Road site. 


Currently the student contact desk, finance office, academic administrative support, disability support, counselling, and our student support staff are all located along the same corridor which works well for students.  The new student hub will be located on the same floor, but reconfigured to make the best use of the space, and to also include the Student Union and marketing & recruitment teams too.


The student hub will be directly accessible from the new library so the link between the two areas and how they could be used by students is being examined by our architects. As with all aspects of the building development, the choice of materials and furniture within the spaces are been considered thoroughly. We’re also keen to explore with students if ‘hub’ is the best name for the area.

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