New library preview: new academic building


The new library at Camberwell College of Arts will be located on the first floor of the new academic building. It will be an improvement on the current library at Peckham Road, with increased shelving for books. We also hope to have dedicated display areas for rare books and pieces from the Camberwell Collection.


The architects paid a visit to the Chelsea College of Arts library as its zoned areas work well for student’s needs. Getting the right balance of individual and group study spaces, as well as optimising different resources is a priority for the development of the space. The architects have also been exploring seating and display possibilities within the body of the library shelving.


The hope is that the new library will be intellectual but comfortable; an enjoyable space conducive to study. The architects have recognised that students work in many different ways and and need both formal and informal areas.  The architects are also keen that the new library be visually inspiring so choice of colours, materials and furniture will be carefully considered.




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