Reception Preview: 1970’s block


We’ve recently received ‘master plan’ drawings from our architects for the new academic building and key areas of the 1970’s block on Peckham Road. The drawings are the result of the stakeholder and design fit out meetings, as well as informal meetings held with students and staff from across Camberwell College of Arts. 


The basement level of the 1970’s block will be reconfigured to create a new reception area, surrounded by activities which will effect how the area works. Students, staff and external visitors will pass by a new gallery space and Ceramics on their way into reception.

The architects have been carefully considering the graphics, colour, materials and signage that will be used for reception interior. The materials at the heart of their concept are natural concrete, wood, and good lighting. The flooring  and how people will flow through the building is also being given careful consideration; the new canteen will be visible from the main reception area and will be a natural point of gravitation.


The work currently being carried out at our Peckham Road site is in part preparation for this development to the reception area and other improvements to the 1970’s block. For example the radiators usually undergo maintenance at this time of year but this summer extra work is being done to ensure they are made ready for the new heating & boiler system. Meanwhile at both Peckham Road and Wilson Road, studios continue to be cleaned, cleared & re-instated ready for the 2016 – 2017 academic year.


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