New temporary building at Wilson Road


The new temporary building has now been installed in the car park at Wilson Road. This be home to workshop facilities, various teaching spaces and a lecture space.  The inside is still being fitted out but we are able to reveal a look at the work in progress.

The installation of the new temporary building went smoothly; the ‘feet’ on which it stands were laid out meticulously, as shown below . The building arrived on the back of truck in sections. In layman’s terms, the sections were then lifted off the truck and straight on top of the feet, then clipped together to form the building.


With its cedar wooden cladding and its low level walls, several members of staff have commented that the outside of  the building looks a little like a gigantic chalet.  On the inside its quite a different story; its currently a blank space which will be divided to create the different areas needed.

The temporary 3D workshop facilities at Wilson Road area are also well underway; with kit being installed ready for the start of term. Its a common misconception that only Sculpture, Three-Dimensional Design or Designer Maker students make three dimensional work. The Camberwell ethos means any student from any course is able and encouraged to make three dimensional work. A recent example is the work of BA Drawing Alumni Queenie Clark.




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