Camberwell Building Development


UAL begins construction on new buildings at Camberwell College at the end of July. This is the first major work on the College for a generation, reinforcing the college’s great character, and will be finished in 2017.

This work will deliver two main benefits for students. Based around an outside courtyard, it will upgrade the College to modern standards, with larger studios and teaching space, a new lecture theatre, gallery, library and fully accessible entrance. Just as important, we will provide onsite student accommodation for the first time.  Overall, this will add an important dimension for those studying at Camberwell.

The College will continue to operate on a business as usual footing throughout the building works, which means some activities from Peckham Road will be temporarily relocated to Wilson Road. At Wilson Road we will provide a new temporary building (subject to planning permission), set up to provide facilities of the same standard. These new temporary facilities will be purpose built to fit the needs of students – they will include 3D workshop facilities, teaching spaces and a lecture space. The layout and access to equipment will be an enhancement to the current facilities at Peckham Road. Foundation students studying at Wilson Road in the main building will continue to do so throughout the project.

We will publish information about the project regularly here and at the information hub on the Camberwell College pages of MyArts.  Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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