Inside Look: new lecture theatre at Peckham Road

The new lecture theatre at Camberwell College of Arts has been a key part of the building development at Peckham Road. Located at basement level of B block, the new lecture theatre seats 251 people which will enable more cross-course and cross-level events.

Interestingly it is one of the areas within the college where the CGI image (as shown above) provided by architects is almost identical to the final space (shown below). Though there was a lot of discussion by stakeholders over the seating colour choice, the orange was settled upon to bring warmth to the subterranean space. Along with the wooden cladded walls, the theatre has a very different feel to the rest of the new academic building, which is more industrial inspired in style.

Inside look: our new Library and Learning Zone

One of the most anticipated spaces within the building development at Camberwell College of Arts has been the new Library and Learning Zone. The new Library occupies an entire floor in the new academic building, now known as Block B. The new Camberwell Learning Zone is located on the Ground Floor of Gardens House.

Staff and students are now able to compare real spaces and studios to Architects plans and computer generated imagery (as shown above & below).  The Library retained as much of its existing furniture as possible which works well with the new pieces selected by stakeholders.

The Camberwell Learning Zone is open 24 hours for all UAL students. The aim of the Learning zone is to provide a flexible  workspace to encourage creative thinking and collaborative working.

An Update in Pictures

Term has now restarted for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Camberwell College of Arts so both students and staff are now able to access the new parts of the building at Peckham Road.  New windows and the refurbishment to the front of Block A (1970’s block) have already made a noticeable change in the look to the front of the site.

Alongside the new development parts of the Victorian building, now known as blocks C & D were also refurbished over the summer. Corridors have been repainted, which alongside the new signage, helps to unify the academic buildings.

The work on our new reception and gallery space continues to progress well with the hoardings now removed and both the stairs and ramp taking shape. We’ll be publishing more updates of this and all our new spaces through out the academic year as we launch the new development.


Progress Update: New signage for Camberwell

As part of the development of Camberwell College of Arts new signage throughout all buildings at Peckham Road will be installed. Staff stakeholders from across the college contributed to the discussions about identification and direction for key areas. Both the staff and designers are keen to ensure that the new signage can be understood by both new and existing students.   Read the rest of this entry »

CGI Library Preview: new academic building


The new library at Camberwell College of Arts is one of the most anticipated aspects of the development. As we’ve previously covered, the library will be first floor of the new academic building and will occupy the entire floor to increase capacity. Stakeholders have looked at both drawings and computer generated imagery (as pictured) in order to inform furniture and colour choices for the space.  Read the rest of this entry »

Student Centre Update

The development at Camberwell College of Arts will see the creation of a new student  centre at Peckham Road. Our architects presented their interpretation of how this ‘hub’ could look last year but this has been developed further through stakeholder meetings; exploring the layout of the space and how best to arrange it for students needs.  Read the rest of this entry »

Link Bridge Preview; more architects drawings

Our architects have provided hundreds of drawings and plans in the course of the Camberwell Building Development. The architects drawings have been used in staff and student stakeholder meetings and featured here. One unique element of the development is the link between the new academic building and the 1970’s block at Peckham Road.  Read the rest of this entry »

An Update in Pictures

At Camberwell College of Arts we often informally refer to our two sites as Peckham Road and Wilson Road. The works taking place as part of the development for Camberwell are entirely at Peckham Road and the entire site is now classified as a building site. The next stage of the works is a combination of fit out of new spaces and refurbishment of existing spaces.  Read the rest of this entry »

Progress Update 18 July 2017

The final degree show from our MA Visual Arts students is now open at our Wilson Road site and runs until this Wednesday. Term ends for our MA Visual Arts students this week so, the development works will enter a new stage of works next week especially behind the hoardings (pictured above)!  Read the rest of this entry »

Progress Update 10 July 2017

As the building development at Camberwell College of Arts continues passersby may have noticed scaffolding has now been erected at the front of the 1970’s building at Peckham Road. This is in preparation for installation of new windows to the front of the building. Much like the work done to the windows at the back of the building last summer, the work will be a mixture of replacement and reconfiguration work.  Read the rest of this entry »