Over the past 8 weeks we have been digitising and re-housing The Camberwell ILEA Collection. Part of an on-going project, over 2000 objects were photographed and re-boxed. The digitisation project created almost 6000 digital files.

Since it’s donation to UAL in 1989, a number of curatorial interventions produced incomplete, paper-based inventories of the collection. As yet a full catalogue of The Camberwell ILEA Collection has not yet been produced – making it difficult to locate, search and manage the collection in its entirety. The collection is estimated to contain c.4000-5000 objects.





The current project seeks to address this, by making the objects more accessible. Object records and photographs will become easily searchable through The Museum System database; this database will eventually be an online resource. At present guided access can be granted in the Archives & Special Collections Centre at LCC or by arrangement with UAL’s Object Collections Archivist, email: j.winstonsilk@arts.ac.uk





The Camberwell ILEA Collection has a rich history; this history is reflected in the many ways in which UAL utilises the collection within its teaching today. The Camberwell Inner London Education Authority Collection contains material that was previously used within the Inner London Education Authority’s (ILEA) Circulating Design Scheme. Initiated in 1951, the scheme was concerned with the teaching and dissemination of modern ‘good design’. The original purpose of the objects was as a teaching collection. The objects were actively loaned to London Secondary Schools, featuring in interactive displays cases. The collection was donated to UAL after the Circulating Design Scheme was withdrawn from circulation. The collection was later renamed The Camberwell ILEA Collection.

Example of a display case from the Circulating Design Scheme.