Our 8th installment of Zinesters in LCF Special Collections comes from Sage Adderley-Knox, her zine Fat-tastic can be found in our zine collection.

Name and location..
My name is Sage Adderley-Knox, and I live in Olympia, Washington.

How long have you been making zines for?
I have been making zines for 13 years!

What do you like to create zines about?
I started out writing about being a heavily tattooed mom who lives with anxiety. I wrote about living in a conservative part of our country and then moving to a more liberal area. Currently, I have been focusing a lot on body image, self-care, and self-worth.

Tell us a bit more about your creative process..
I am not a big planner. When I have an idea, I usually go straight to creating. I start writing first and then work on the art next. I’m very spontaneous with my creative process.

What does it feel like to have your zine/s in the London College of Fashion Library’s Special Collections?
It’s a huge honor! It’s both exciting and scary to put your creative work out into the world, so to have it chosen to be a party of a special collection is a beautiful feeling.

What influenced Fat-tastic?
It’s hard enough being a female in this world, but I find it to be even more of a struggle when you don’t fit into the mold of how society defines beauty. As I became older and the mother of two daughters, it really hit me how important it is to respect myself. I now have two teenage girls looking at me for guidance. I have to be the example, and if I don’t like myself, then it’s up to me to make those changes to find that inner happiness. My weight doesn’t define my worth. So, FAT-TASTIC! celebrates who you are in whatever body you carry. It talks about the good and the bad. My hope is that it empowers others to feel confident and to spread the body love.

What one piece of advice would you give UAL students about zine making?
Don’t overthink things and don’t hold back! What makes zines so special is the person who creates them.

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