The first tranche of records archived as part of the Institutional Memory Project is now available to browse via the ASCC’s archive catalogue – you can view this “Institutional Archive” here: This is just the initial results of cataloguing and more material is regularly being added, with the aim to update the public-facing catalogue every couple of months. I am going to produce a bi-monthly “update” blog detailing new additions to the archive. Please do get in touch if you hold any material that you think would make an interesting supplement to the collections.

I would like to say a big thank you to our volunteers Helena Clarkson and Mike Davies, who have put in a lot of valuable work to get the archive ready to be accessed by researchers, including: box-listing new acquisitions, repackaging and re-labelling boxes, and cataloguing and condition-checking archive material, as well as many other important and useful tasks.

Robin Sampson



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