April’s display at London College of Fashion Library looks at fashion in film in our Special Collection. The first part of the display focuses on texts and ephemera generated by the Fashion in Film Festival. Fashion in Film is an exhibitions, research and education project established at The Horse Hospital, now based at Central Saint Martins. The festival has close links to us here at London College of Fashion. They describe their work as “At the heart of our mission is archival and scholarly research, combined with accessible and wide-reaching debate.” [1] The first festival Between Stigma & Enigma was launched in 2006 described as a “project exploring the common ground shared by fashion and film.” [2] Which presented “a mix of early and classic cinema, contemporary art, as well as documentary, instruction and propaganda film.” [3] The second festival If Looks Could Kill took place in 2008 exploring “the compelling links between cinema, fashion, crime and violence. Tackling themes such as disguise , the expression of desire, juvenile delinquency and the corruption of beauty, the festival features a string of underworld characters and their prosecutors whose highly effective costume, styling and sartorial gestures helped define cinematic genres from detective to thriller, gangster, film noir and horror.” [4] The third festival Birds of Paradise in 2010 was “an intoxicating exploration of costume as a form of cinematic spectacle throughout European and American cinema.” [5] Part of the festival was Kinoscope Parlour a London based installation of six peephole machines at twelve different locations “a contemporary re-imagining of the kinetoscope invented by Thomas A. Edison and W.K.L. Dickson in the early 1890s.” [6]

The second part of our display features film related texts edited and/or written by LCF researchers and staff members. The Oxford Guide to Film Studies is edited by Pamela Church Gibson, Reader in Cultural and Historical Studies at London College of Fashion. She has written multiple film related texts that can be found in our main collection, she also “set up the only MA programme in Fashion and Film.” [7] She also edits the peer-reviewed journal Film, Fashion & Consumption. Conditioned by Dress: The relationship between mind, fashion, film and performance is a monograph dedicated to the work of film-maker Anna-Nicole Ziesche, “Using the dynamic media of performance, film and animation, she reveals the continuously evolving designs and shapes of garments on the body, questioning the nature of our relationship with fashion and how this shapes self-identity.” [8] The book includes contributions by LCF’s Professor Judith Clark and Professor Lucy Orta. Clark is “one of the two co-founders of the Centre for Fashion Curation (CfFC) and is internationally recognised across academia, museums, galleries, industry and the press.” [9] Orta’s “practice as an artist focuses on social and ecological issues, employing a diversity of media including, drawing, sculpture, installation, couture, photography, video and performance.” [10]

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