Hosted by Teaching and Learning Exchange at LCC, 90 delegates took part in this Teaching Platform which explored emerging best practice in object-based learning.  Themes included the use of archives and special collections in teaching; the object as mediator; the role of object-based teaching in developing skilled hand function and objects as a source of curriculum diversity.

The audience was encouraged to share their own experience so that co-learning and dialogue could enrich the day.   Delegates were invited to engage their senses in an object reading session using items from UAL’s archives and special collections and experience a range of innovative projects in a world café workshop, such as investigating the place for photogrammetry in object analysis or exploring the Archive’s Tell Us About It collection.  After lunch Zoe Laughlin of UCL’s Institute of Making made us eat chocolate to understand how to create a materials library, and following an introduction to the Zine Collection in LCC Library, everyone created a page to be published in a zine which will be made as a record of the day.  Alongside this personal zine, Frania Hall and Keith Martin of MA Publishing recorded activities all day and published a zine before the delegates left: instant journalism!

Sarah Mahurter, University Archives and Special Collections Centre Manager

Image courtesy of Teaching and Learning Exchange