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Update at 5 June 2013 This has now been superceded by a newer version called ‘Open UAL’, this will be appearing on the blog in due course

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Open Scholarship – Aims

(Your Institution) encourages participation in open scholarship by staff and students. By doing so we widen the impact of our work, strengthen our reputation as a university and as individuals, open up new business, employment and academic opportunities and constantly reinvigorate our practice.

Open Scholarship includes selecting and publishing our work openly on the World Wide Web with appropriate licence arrangements to enable a global audience to access them freely, while still retaining and asserting our rights of authorship and ownership in order to gain benefit from our own work. The creation, dissemination and curation of knowledge are fundamental elements in our role as a university. This, in turn, requires the development and maintenance of the policy and infrastructure needed to support this key aspect of (Your Institution)’s mission in the digital age.

We will achieve this by:

  • Engaging staff and students in understanding the benefits of participating in open scholarship activities
  • Developing and agreeing the policy and procedures needed to support open scholarship
  • Providing guidance and support in the crucial area of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to enable staff and students to exploit their resources effectively and identify and manage risk
  • Facilitating access to a range of online publishing platforms for staff and students
  • Developing a long-term digital asset management plan that effectively curates the university’s digital legacy
  • Providing practical support and guidance to staff and students in the design and production of open resources to support research, learning and teaching
  • Using engagement with open scholarship to explore different models of research, learning and teaching as a way of developing a living laboratory[1] for experimentation and the co-creation of knowledge
  • Integrating open scholarship into staff training, teaching certification, research and teaching and learning activities
  • Gathering and publishing a range of different metrics to document and measure the impact of our open scholarship activities
  • Developing national and international links with institutions and organisations that are engaging in and promoting open scholarship

We will recognise success when we:

  • Can identify a growing amount of open scholarship resources being produced and shared by staff and students of (Your Institution)  as well as the confident reuse and adaptation of external open scholarship resources within (Your Institution)
  • Obtain feedback and reports about the range and number of open scholarship collaborations that staff and students are engaged in
  • See research outputs being incorporated into open scholarship resources to increase their impact
  • Receive feedback from staff and students indicating a growing confidence in understanding and managing issues related to copyright and IPR
  • Initiate local, national and international collaborations through engaging in open scholarship
  • Develop more open and flexible course delivery options by (Your Institution)

Key Performance Indicators

  • Numbers and types of open scholarship resources published and used in (Your Institution)
  • Staff and Student surveys and feedback
  • Academic and media reports about (Your Institution) activity in this area
  • New Collaborations and Business Opportunities
  • Case studies and research outputs



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