Many staff joined us at John Princes Street in December for the first event of The New Local, a series of events and publications to archive LCF memories in the lead up to the move to Stratford Waterfront.

Issue 1 was a photo project documenting every single room across all six sites, and its launch was celebrated with a Pub Quiz. It was amazing to see the sixth floor transformed into a local boozer, complete with horse brasses on the walls, dark wood, wallpaper and tablecloths.

We drank beer and wine, and ate pork scratchings, crisps and nuts, then pitted ourselves against each other on general, fashion, and LCF knowledge for the ultimate pub quiz. Complete with drawing round and ‘Hairdo Zoo,’ the quiz rewarded the winners with a gold staff-pass holders, and the losers with jars of cockles.

Have a look at the quiz below. How many of the answers would you have got?



The New Local, Issue 2, sees staff come together at Golden Lane on 1 June at 4pm. Watch out for details in your events bulletin, as well as your Need to Know email, every Friday at 10am.

Have a look at some of the talents of our contestants in the drawing round.