Month: July 2017

Global Disability Innovation Summit takes place in east London

The first day at the Global Disability Innovation Hub’s first Disability Summit held at Here East during the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 on Thursday July 13, 2017.

Last week over 250 people attended the world’s first Global Disability Innovation Summit in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It was delivered by the Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub), which is born of the legacy of the 2012 Paralympic Games and aims to use technology to make a difference to the lives of one billion disabled people by 2030.

70 global experts convened to discuss everything from wheelchairs and wearable tech, to art, culture, charity, corporate and sport. Speakers from the World Bank, World Health Organisation, Leonard Cheshire Disability, the Red Cross, UNICEF, International Labour Organisation, Microsoft, Barclays, the BBC, Channel 4 and the British Paralympic Association, joined Paralympians, Comedians, Academics, Artists and local disabled people’s organisation to set out a new manifesto for disability innovation which puts disabled people at its heart. The event will now become bi-annual.

Lord Chris Homes, GDI Hub Chair said I’m absolutely delighted at the outstanding success of our first GDI Hub Summit. It was a complete sell out for two days of superb presentations from an incredible range of speakers including academics, Government ministers, broadcasters, tech companies large and small (and more). I am completely inspired by the potential for innovation through collaboration which is at the core of the GDI Hub Mission, with disabled people leading the way and completely involved at every stage.

Outcomes from the event were:

  • GDI Hub will host the Enable Makeathon 2 with the International Committee of the Red Cross, led by UCL. This will provide teams from around the world the chance to come to London and help design new products and services that help people in conflict and post-conflict situations around the themes of Accessibility and Employability.
  • Corporates can support the work of the Hub by sponsoring the Global Disability Innovation Accelerator, run in conjunction with PLEXAL.
  • LCF and UCL have worked together to launch a new MSc in Design, Disability and Innovation, which will be forthcoming next year. We will post more information on this shortly.

The New Local 4: The Botanical Issue

The New Local – Botanical Issue 

For the 4th issue of The New Local in Autumn, Study O Portable are producing a botanical guide to plants found inside LCF buildings. It will be an illustrated booklet of different plants people have in their offices and workshops, with some information about each plant.

We would love to hear from LCF staff if you are interested in sharing your stories about plants in your workspaces.

Please get in touch with us at:

About the project

The New Local is a series of events and publications devised by Study O Portable. It will collect, archive and study memories and perspectives of the current sites and architecture. Events will be held three times a year in the run up to the move to LCF’s new single campus in Stratford. The results will be edited into a series of publications that will inform the design of architectural amulets installed in the new site. These amulets will comprise small reminders, comforters and tokens that negotiate the past, the present and the future of LCF.


The New Local, Issue 3 – Wish You Were Here!

The third issue of The New Local, Wish You Were Here!, explored different views from LCF buildings in the form of a postcard book. In each image, an outward view is framed by the architectural details of the building. Like the holiday postcards from the seaside, the postcards here are records of locations that are sometimes familiar and other times exotic to us, but all of them are equally significant in the way they present specific combination of the outside and the inside. See if you can guess the site locations from the images below (answers at the end of this post).

We were joined by staff at our Lime Grove campus canteen which boasts terrific views. They were encouraged to guess the views from postcards by looking through viewfinders. We also had prizes on offer along with coffee and home-made cakes. Staff that joined us found out more about this ongoing project, LCF buildings past and present and shared their own memories with their fellows.

The images above are views from:

  1. Lime Grove
  2. John Princes Street
  3. Lime Grove
  4. John Princes Street
  5. High Holborn
  6. Mare Street
  7. John Princes Street
  8. Golden Lane
  9. Mare Street
  10. Curtain Road
  11. John Princes Street
  12. John Princes Street

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