Month: November 2015

The New Local: Pub Quiz

Come and have a drink with us, share a story or two and take part in a pub quiz. There you will have a chance to win symbolic prizes and have a drink or two.

Remember to book your place for the launch of The New Local on Wednesday 2nd December 6:00PM- 8:30PM at JPS.

All LCF staff are welcome but places are limited so please book yours here. Password: The New Local

The New Local

The New Local

Current and former staff are invited to take part and talk about what they know and what they like about the spaces, and if they have anything special to share with the community. There might be a ghost in one building, a lucky charm you touch or a hidden space not everyone knows about in another. We would like to open up conversation and discussion about the legacy and future of LCF in the new site through the events which range from a pub quiz, a hair salon to a bingo night or a ping pong tournament, each taking place in a different location. Alongside the events, staff members are encouraged to contribute to the project with their stories and perspectives via email and social media throughout the course of the project.

The information gathered through events  and social media will be collated, edited and published in the form of a series of publications. Each one cataloguing certain spatial aspects of the current campuses and launching at the next event. These catalogues will serve as the basis for the final output, a series of architectural amulets that will be permanently installed in the new building. These amulets will comprise small reminders, comforters and tokens that negotiate the past, the present and the future of LCF. Subtle and intimate anti-monuments in the new built environment that will be LCF’s new collective home.

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Welcome to The New Local! Check back soon for updates on events and news.

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